Fellows Emeriti "Very Blue Bookcase" Project

We are actively seeking copies of books published by Fellows Emeriti (Former Fellows for those of you who graffiti "Latin Is Dead" under suburban overpasses*). If you are a Fellow Emeritus (or know someone who is) please either send us copies of published works or let us know about them! This applies to both writers and visual artists (catalogues and art books are very welcome!) We have established a bookcase, which happens to be very blue, devoted solely to works published by folks who have stayed with us, to serve as inspiration (and fierce envy) for folks who soon will.

Send info about books to: info [at] albeefoundaton.org

Send books to: The Edward F. Albee Foundation, 14 Harrison St. New York NY 10013

*Okay, yeah, it should be "Socia Emeriti", but enough Latin already.